Counseling and Psychotherapy for Depression, Anxiety and Trauma

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About Karen

Karen M. Faherty, PhD. Licensed Psychologist
I have such gratitude for my experience with Dr. Faherty.  With her guidance and help I have found myself and the skills I need to deal with life as it is. She has guided me to my truth that I am the creator and intender of my own experience.It is my feeling that Dr. Faherty loves being a therapist and is genuinely commited. She is a creative, goal oriented and adaptable professional.

RA  1/14/11

I am at ease in working with trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, grief and anger management. Whether due to current difficulties with relationships, work health or change, or longstanding issues with self esteem, addictions or behavioral problems, my practical, interpersonal style is comforting and effective. I can provide clarity in many cases, and support deep, value-driven insight, when the problems you are facing are confusing and you are having difficulty making authentic choices. My clients receive attention on multiple levels including body-brain-mind-energy-emotion-thought-heart-spirit and soul and grow in awareness of themselves on these different levels.

Specialties include trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic illness and executive dysfunction (ie. problems with organizing, problem solving, memory, sustained attention) due to mild tbi or ADD. Issues related to relationships, self esteem, grief and personal growth/change. Practical spirituality and energy psychology are always fun to incorporate into my work.

I'm eager to work with people who are ready to enter into therapy. It's a great ride. Please call to consult about your situation and whether therapy can help